Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What You Believe Becomes Your Reality

What You Believe Becomes Your Reality
Reality. What exactly is it? What is it really? And can reality be different for different people in the same circumstances? You bet your sweet bippy it can.

What we believe at our core affects our reality. Be it about people, situations or life in general.

If we believe our life was ruined by what our parents did to us in childhood, then our life will be ruined in adulthood.

But if instead, we believe we're perfectly capable of contributing to society in a meaningful way, then we will contribute to society in a meaningful way. Even if you came from a home rife with abuse.

If we believe that our neighbours are jerks unworthy of our friendship, then that's what we'll see...our neighbours being jerks unworthy of our friendship.

But if we believe our neighbours are good people, then we'll see incidents' of our neighbours being good people. Even if they can be jerks.

If we believe that we have to fight tooth and nail for everything we want, then we will live a life where we fight tooth and nail for everything we get.

But if we believe that life flows easily, that what we desire is there for us, then our desires will come to pass in ways that are effortless. Even if there's a fight or two somewhere along the way.

The Universe is a funny thing. It provides our reality based on our own beliefs.

Two people can be in the same room, experiencing the same event. But each will have a different experience of it based on what their personal beliefs are. What one sees as something horrid, another will see as a blessing. In other words, we are the authors of our own story. A story that is being written and rewritten as we go.

It was Edgar Cayce who said: "Reality is built out of every thought, and our every thought begins to create reality." 

This doesn't mean you can't have a negative thought. But if your negative thoughts are prolonged, then those negative thoughts will become your reality.

Each of us is here for a different experience. And within that experience, we get to choose how we're going to experience that experience. But most of us go on with our lives completely oblivious to the fact that we are the guiding force behind each and every one of those experiences.

Be conscious of what you believe. Make choices based on what you want to experience. And recognize that though you may have had some terrible experiences in the past, that past has no hold on you today, unless you decide that it does.

You are in the driver's seat. To believe otherwise is to give up your power to an external force, a force you cannot control. To believe otherwise is to create a reality that you do not want, a reality that you will experience.
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
~John Lennon
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  1. My husband of 25 years and I were abused as children. Last year our Marriage was in crisis when his narcissist mother interfered. He ended our Marriage and walked away from our sons (16 & 19) stating "I can't go against my parents" to me, then to our sons, then to the one only psychologist meeting he agreed to. She (at 76) is still able to abuse/controlling him. He shared with me everything he could remember as a child over our 27 years together, the gaps were filled by his four siblings over those decades who told us that it hurt them so much my husband got the worst. Now he tells me his mother never hurt him and that he rang her and she said she never hurt him. It breaks my heart for him, for me and for our sons the blame, anger, hatred, abandonment, adultery against me he has engaged. In 27 years before our crisis, I knew him to be mildly angry only twice in car altercations and I had never known him to hate anyone, until me. In understanding denial, projection,dissociation, etc I would like to ask if there are any adult children who can advise a way (with all our love and kindness and patience) that I can reach him - what he knew to be true for 46 years and now says it never happened. I have given him a Supreme Court Order about his brother that states the mother and father psychologically and physically abused their 5 children. I still can’t believe he knows all this and he’s known it for decades and now he hates me and says it’s not true while looking at Supreme Court proof. My sons and I have tried an intervention, lovingly. That is when he moved away and we haven’t seen him in over 9 months. We were stonewalled and got the silent treatment, then he threatened me with a restraining order to not contact him ever. After 27 years, and my sons their entire lives, it has been a huge shock, almost 3 decades ended in a few words and no chance of a discussion. It would mean so much to try one more pathway, if anyone has any idea how. Thank you.


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