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Darlene Barriere: Author, Speaker, Coach
Hello. My name is Darlene Barriere. I am an author, a speaker, and a coach. I am also a survivor of child abuse. But I prefer to call myself a "thriver" because that's how I live: thriving in abundance and joy. But it wasn't always that way.

I grew up in a home that was rife with abuse: domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, all at the hands of my parents. Sexual abuse came at the hands of people I babysat for. A sexual assault at knifepoint when I was a young teenager came at the hands of an acquaintance. As a teen, I was so desperate to end my pain that I attempted suicide. True healing for me really began in my mid 20's. And here I am in my mid 50's in a place I never dreamed possible. So healing on many levels has been a part of my life for a very long time.

I'm all about sharing my knowledge, experience, expertise, and yes, even wisdom. That's what my blog, Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit is all about. I generally post 5 times a week to this blog. Sometimes I post specifically about child abuse related healing, sometimes about meditation and yoga, sometimes about something inspirational, always themed toward healing. I hope you'll consider following my blog.

I've written several books about various forms of violence and abuse. The first was my memoir, From Victim to Victory, How I got over the devastating effects of child abuse. When I wrote that book I thought it would help others with their healing. And though it does help, I was reminded by someone I hold in high regard of what I still had to do. Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations With God fame, told me recently, "You've written how YOU healed. Now it's time to write how OTHERS can heal." I am now focused on writing that book.

My website child-abuse-effects.com is a place where you can get loads of information about child abuse or read articles and commentaries. There is also somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 stories from survivors, including stories written in comments and other posts. I created the site, in part, to ensure survivors had a voice, a safe haven in which to share what in many cases has never before been disclosed. Posts are anonymous, but if visitors choose to include a name, first names and last initials only are permitted. I welcome you to post your own true story if you want or need your own voice to be heard. Comments to story contributors is highly encouraged. I personally comment on each one.

In my private life, I practice yoga every day and meditation twice a day. I like to be active, but 35 years of jogging and 15 years of kickboxing for fitness has left my knees asking me to be kinder to them, so I now use a cross-trainer to help keep me fit. I'm a vegetarian, but leaning heavily toward veganism.

I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada with my husband, John. We've been married almost 33 years. I used to wonder how I could have found such a supportive loving man. Now I know that even when I was troubled I had the presence of mind to know that I was worthy of someone good in my life. I also know that he's got it just a wonderful as I do!

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  1. Dear Darlene,

    Regards from latinamerica!. Just landed in your blog, as usual, looking for answers. I trully appreciate there are courageous people out there like you, Thanks for being a voice of hope.

    About me, I´m a woman, 35 years old. As a child, I lived in a house where pain, humilliation, disaproval and fights were everyday story (My father threaten us with dead and many times humilliated us and my mother). Despite these difficulties, I came to be a successful professional -the example of my family. I have not had long term romantic relationships, I always end up thinking they are potentially abusers and discard them. Is terrible.
    Nowadays I´m in a situation. I´m pursuing a second Masters. My thesis adviser and I became somehow closer and he has invited me to his house a couple of times. I like him. But I´m suffering of a terrible confussion: Why is the guy inviting me to his house? this is not normal!! he is abusive. On the other side, thinking he is just being nice... those polar thoughts are in my head all the time. I cannot stop thinking in the situation. I have noticed when he is with me he gets sexually excited, and when we eat something he has sexual thinkings and I can notice that. I dont like that. But I still think ah he likes me... pfff. Im confused. I would appreciate any advise you could give me. Thanks for your courage and for having the blog.


  2. Maria, listen to your body, your soul. Listen and trust your instincts. ❤️


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