Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Positive Attributes of the Bitter Cold

10 Positive Attributes of the Bitter Cold
Are you or someone you know stuck in the deep freeze affecting so much of North America this winter? With temperatures plummeting to below -30 Celsius (-22F) and -50C windchill in some areas (-58F) it's beyond the human brain to see anything positive. Right? Maybe not so right.

As is typical with my way of thinking, I wanted to find some positive aspects to being in the middle of what some might start calling a mini ice age. Here are my top 10. Feel free to add to the list.

1. More family time together. Some families will focus on heating the room(s) where the family spends the most time: kitchen, family room. So as the family literally moves into these smaller areas, this naturally brings the family in close proximity to each other. An opportunity to really pay attention to what your children are up to online.

2. Recognition that climate change may be real. And a possible commitment to do one's part to leave the planet in better shape than she is right now.

3. Mountain pine beetle kill to our ponderosa and lodgepole pines. The infestation that has plagued parts of North America may well be eliminated as a result of sustained frigid temperatures.

4. Huddling and cuddling that often lead to family expansion 9 months down the road. Do I really need to explain this?

5. Wearing heavy over-sized sweaters hide our Christmas rolls. This may not be entirely healthy, but it's still a positive for some.

6. Eating cookies right out of the oven to stay warm.  No explanation needed here.

7. Flannel sheets and soft flannel pyjamas. They take up more room in the closet, so at this time of year they're not only put to good use, they leave room in the closet for something more fitting.

8. No one laughs when you're wearing your fuzzy slippers. In fact, they might go missing, finding their way into the dog's den or worse, in the purse of your best friend!

9. Hot chocolate. Perfectly good reason to make this a daily ritual.

10. Cozying up in a recliner with a comforter and a good book. Cold weather can bring the opportunity to be more well read instead of going outdoors.

What are some of your positive attributes of the bitter cold? Besides not having to live in it!
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  1. I have another one. Boiling water in a pot then going outside to throw it out. It freezes as soon as it hits the air. Quite amusing and pretty at the same time.


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