Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Ways to Make Your Expectations Really Work For You

Great Expectations
Most people know what it's like to wake up with dread. To wake up with that niggling feeling that something awful is about to happen. You may or may not know what it might be. Or perhaps you're worried. Imagining the worst. Maybe it's a loved one being diagnosed with an illness. Or the loss of a job. Or the breakup of a couple you admire. Maybe it's your breakup.

So when was the last time you woke up expecting something wonderful to happen? The last time you knew in your heart that something great would come your way? Truth is, there are precious few of us who even go there.

We get so wrapped up in our own stories, and the stories of others, that we forget the power we actually have within us.

When we expect wonderful things to happen in our lives, we're in the same vibrational frequency as gratitude. And when we live in a state of gratitude, the Universe brings us goods things. Things we desire.

Yes, this is a bit simplistic. But it is essentially the way the Law of Attraction works. That which is like is drawn onto itself.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we'll never experience the nasty stuff. It's how we experience the nasty stuff that improves.

Pain is inevitable. It comes with being human. We all experience things in our lives that bring on a range of emotions. Including the illness of someone we love, the possible loss of a job, or the break of a couple we admire. And maybe you're the couple breaking up.

But it's suffering that's optional. And the way to avoid the suffering when awful things happen is to see the bright side. That's difficult when someone you love is ill or worse. But what if instead of focusing on the terrible aspect of that illness you instead see it from a grander place.

Each of us is walking a different path. A path that even we don't always understand. But along the way, no matter what we endure, we have a choice about how we're going to handle things.

The person who's ill may find a way to cure him/herself of that illness and thus bring knowledge and wisdom into the world. Or maybe that illness is understood to be there as a result of a way of life that can help someone else avoid the same pitfalls.

The person who looses their job may well find another that is even better. Or find an opportunity without that job that wasn't before considered. Maybe re-education is in the works. Or a move to another place.

The couple who are no longer together may well find each other again. Or they weren't really meant to be together and are now free to find out more about themselves. Perhaps each will find love elsewhere.

How we see things is what determines our vibrational frequency. If we focus on the negative, then we vibrate on a low level. And when we vibrate on a low level--this is the important stuff here--we will continue to endure experiences that reflect that low level, because the Universe will continue to deliver to you based on your vibrational frequency.

So how do you make your expectations really work for you? 

1. Expect wonderful things to happen. Make your early-morning mantra each day be: I expect wonderful things to happen today. Then FEEL the emotion of what it's like to have something wonderful happen. Remember something wonderful that did happen at one time. Then re-experience the feelings that that experience brought you. 

2. Be grateful for everything. Each day, start and end it with 10 things you're grateful to have. It's perfectly okay to be grateful for the same things. One of those for me each and every day when I wake up is to be thankful for the opportunity to start a brand new day...then at bedtime, to be thankful to complete yet another day. 

3. See the silver lining of everything that does happen. It's fine to experience emotions that leave you sad, frustrated, even angry. That's part of the human experience. Just don't stay there. Tell yourself a story about the situation that brings in positivity and gratitude. That ill or dying member of the family is a perfect opportunity to be grateful for all that this person has brought to you and the world. In other words, you no longer take the person for granted. And take the even greater opportunity to tell that loved one how you feel about them. The relationship you have with the person will become even richer for it.
"Expectation is a focus with a vibration that permits the receiving of what you're focused upon—and, you expect things, both wanted and unwanted." ~Abraham
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