Monday, December 9, 2013

Can We Really Heal Ourselves From Even The Worst of Illnesses?

Can We Really Heal Ourselves From Even The Worst of Illnesses?

 Any malady in your physical body was a lot longer in coming than it takes to release it.

This quote from Abraham-Hicks really speaks to the fact that by the time we are diagnosed with an illness, something else has been going on in our lives for quite some time.

There is also hope in the words.

"Release it" stands out for me. What this means is that no matter the illness, we have it within our Selves to heal. And does that not also apply for emotional healing? After all, most physical ailments start with emotional turmoil.

If we can heal from our emotional "stuff", it's possible to also heal the physical that can come over the course of time after suffering adversity.

"Release it" to me is all about giving up on the idea that things in the past could be different. And embracing whatever is happening to us in the moment as a part of what is showing up for us.

There's no sense fighting it. Fighting only creates more fighting. So what if instead we surrender to what IS. What if instead we picture our bodies as perfectly healthy, and believe that they are.

Anita Moorjani, best-selling international author of Dying to Be Me, had a near-death experience about 10 years ago or so. When she speaks of her experience and her miraculous healing from terminal cancer, the message she sends is that we are here to live our lives and just BE, fearlessly.

It's not "positive" thinking that brings on the healing. It goes deeper than that. It's a true belief that you are already healed, in perfect health. No thoughts of illness at all. Difficult as that is when you are ill.

Moorjani is a walking, talking example of the Abraham-Hicks quote. But what's interesting about her story is that we all have it in us to do what she did. It's just that most of us haven't yet tapped into this natural ability. Myself included.

I love reading inspiring stories like Moorjani's. They give me hope for the future. For our not-yet-appreciated gifts.

Have you or someone you know ever had a miraculous healing? One that couldn't be explained?
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