Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Mixing Business With Pleasure

For those following my last couple of posts, Westjet found my baggage. Hooray! Poor thing traveled the airport all by itself. Spent the night lonely in some back room. We’ve now been happily reunited.

Hard to take life too seriously when you’re in the tropics at a 4-star resort. All inclusive, at that.

My Carnival costume is still intact. Everything appears as it should..

Today is a free day here at the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Slept in later than usual. Still getting used to the 4-hour time difference. 

There is no Wifi service in the rooms. This is after all, DR. Can manage to get connected in the lounge, so my posts for the next few days will be sporadic, if all.
Will hit the beach this morning. Just need to have some breakfast first. Today is pleasure. Business starts tomorrow. But it's the kind of business that everyone on the planet should experience. Mixing knowledge, information and fun fun fun! Best combo ever!

Tonight is a cocktail party for those of us here already for Awesomeness Fest. Really excited to meet up with several of the tribe members from last year. And to meet up with new members. Met some new people already. What amazing contributors to society we have in this world.

Tomorrow Afest actually begins. Whoo-hoo! Will be absorbing the knowledge of several high-energy speakers. More networking. Even more partying. Till next post….


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