Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toilets Contribute to Good Health But Not For the Reasons You Might Think

Toilets Contribute to Good Health

You may be wondering why I would post a picture of the inner workings of a toilet for today's post. And how the blazes does it qualify for a post on a healing blog. Trust me, there is great purpose here today. And don't worry. The photo is not from my toilet tank. I found the pic on the internet.

Yesterday I wrote about feeling more tired in the morning after a night of lengthy and vivid dreams. I vowed to hit the sack early last night in an effort to get a decent night of zzzzzzzzz's.

I came through with my promise. But sleep was elusive.

And what, pray tell, kept me awake for most of the night? In large part, the constant hissing of our toilet. Yes, you read that correctly. Our toilet was the culprit. And before you suggest that I should have turned the water off, that would have been problematic to hubby who needs a properly running commode for his ...well...let's just say his midnight jaunts.

Our toilet has been taking longer than normal to finish the flush cycle. But suddenly, its decided to let us know how unhappy it was. Trouble was, it waited until the middle of the night to express its obvious displeasure.

A quick check under the tank lid this morning revealed a leaky filler valve. Easy fix.

So off we traipsed to our local hardware warehouse for a handy dandy new filler valve. Twenty bucks and less than an hour later, the toilet seems very happy again. YAY!

And when the toilet is happy, I'm happy. And when I'm happy, I sleep very well. So don't let anyone tell you that toilets don't contribute to good health.
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  1. May you now be able to flush your restless nights away. Sweet dreams.


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