Friday, October 25, 2013

Singing Crystal Bowls For Clearing Blocked Energy

Singing Crystal Bowls and Healing

Who would have thought that bowls could heal. I don't mean the bowls we typically find in our kitchen cupboards. I'm talking about crystal bowls that when played can produce sounds and vibrations (energy) that can help clear energy blocks. But it's not just crystal bowls.

Yesterday, I had the pleasant experience of a session with a practitioner who uses tuning forks and a variety of crystal bowls to release trapped energy. And a promised in an early post, I'll share here what my experience was like.

If I've learned nothing else in my fifties, I've learned that just because I don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I find that oftentimes, how I feel plays a much more important role in judging whether or not something works.

When I arrived for my session, I told the practitioner about issues I've been dealing with lately.

Vivid dreams that have left me exhausted in the mornings. Stiffness in my hip thrusters that have contributed to lower back pain that has plagued me for some 50 years. Yes, 50 years.

I shared with her that my dreams have to some degree, a common thread. Paths. Paths in ditches. In forests. Brambles and obstacles, where I stumble and get stuck. Paths in the city. Paths in the country. Paths that are seaside. Trains tracks that leave me with a sense that going down that path would be a huge mistake. Paths that are challenging or impossible, and others that lead me astray. Each path I take leads me to change paths. Eventually I get to where I want to be. Then I wake up.

So we decided the session would be focused on clearing the sacral area of any blockages. With the intention of opening up any paths in my life in a way that is pleasant and joyful.

The sensations were...well...sensational! They reverberated throughout my body. Arms. Legs. Torso. I absolutely LOVED having the very large bowls singing on my abdominal and sacral areas. I could feel my whole body relax.

I also felt a very positive  energy within me. At the end, I wanted to laugh. Out loud. I got a slight case of the giggles. Not uncontrollable giggles. Just that I saw humour in everything.

The practitioner asked me if I wanted some alone time to finish up the session. She didn't ask because I was off the wall or anything. After all, she was laughing right along with me. I told her that the laughter was what was more important for me in that moment. Alone time I could take at home.

I left with a sense of joy that I felt in all parts of my body. But even more profound was that my hip thrusters have loosened dramatically and my back feels completely stable.

As a healing modality, this is an experience I will gladly repeat. I'll let you know about how my paths are going in future posts.
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