Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Can Dreaming Leave You More Tired in the Morning?

Have you ever woke up remembering several of your lengthier dreams? And I mean all the details. Maybe even so many dreams that you woke up more tired than when you'd gone to bed? Where all you want to do is curl up in your blankets and drift to blissful zzzzzzzzzz's?

This morning I feel as though I ran a full marathon, then lifted the heft of the world immediately afterward. Yet I slept longer than I usually do.

So the question I have to ask now is, can dreaming affect your health in a negative way? Can you dream so much that you're left almost unable to function?

I know these sound like ridiculous questions, but I'm beginning to wonder. After all, if we don't sleep restfully, at some point it will have an adverse affect on the body and the mind.

I checked online to see if I could find some articles about whether or not dreams can make you more tired. Not sure what I was hoping to find, but thought I'd check it out just the same.

I found information on lucid dreams and what brings on sleeplessness. Neither of which is what I've been experiencing with great regularity lately. The fact is, I've been "sleeping" quite well. It's the dreams. The relentless, lengthy exhausting dreams.

Some say that remembering dreams is a very good thing. That if we connect with the emotions being felt in the dreams we're having, we'll tap into what they are trying to tell us. Or conversely, look for a pattern or theme relayed in the dream to determine what they mean.

I've also heard that some of us are going to have the same dreams. Don't know about that, since it would take way too much space to relay what I've been experiencing in my dream states. Some of those same sources say that our dreams are contributing to our evolving consciousness.

This morning, I'm less inclined to connect with the emotions. Or the underlying "theme". Or if others are dreaming the same thing I am. Or if these dreams are contributing to my consciousness. I'm just too tired.

I'm far more inclined to make myself a promise to get to bed early tonight. If I have another night like last night, at least I'll stand a chance of getting some actual sleep.

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