Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Physical and Emotional Healing with Singing Crystal Bowls

Physcial and Emotional Healing with Singing Crystal Bowls

Have you ever tried a healing modality that you've previously poo-poo'ed? A modality that you've judged as hairy-fairy? Or having no scientific proof? I have. At least in the past.

I'm so much more open-minded than I used to be. I now leave room for the potential of a wide range of traditional, but not-so-mainstream (yet) practices.

Take for example the practice of using crystal bowls in meditation for setting intentions and clearing negative energies. Both of which can help bring about physical and emotional healing.

Over the weekend, I attended a 2-hour crystal bowl meditation under the light of the ecliptical full moon. There were 11 of us. All bundled up. In a windowed cedar-lined temple in the backyard of a local practitioner. Quite cozy, if I do say so myself.

To the magnificent singing of crystal bowls, played by the adept practitioner, we set an intention with a positive statement as we went about clearing each of the 7 chakras.

At about 15-minutes mini-sessions, the practitioner played a variety of crystal bowls of different sizes. Each sang a different note.

It was a very interesting experience.

What I found fascinating was the way the sounds resonated inside my body. A different part of my body (legs, arms, chest, back, throat, face, etc) responded depending on the bowl being played.

The most dramatic was when two bowls were being played at the same time with the assistance of one of the attendees. Twice, once during the heart chakra and once during crown chakra clearing, something very usual happened.

The pulse points on either side of my neck in both cases throbbed. Not rapidly. But with great prominence. I didn't know what it signified. Only that it was quite the experience.

Until the next day.

I injured an upper back muscle about a week ago. I've used a number of techniques to clear the breath-grabbing pain. And though I've experienced a modicum of relief, I was still forced to modify my yoga practice and cross-training workouts. And definitely no weights.

But on Saturday morning, I got up totally pain-free. Totally able to resume my regular practice and workouts. I'd call that significant.

I'm now booked for a private session with this practitioner on Thursday. One that I was fortunate enough to win while attending the Kamloops Wellness Festival last month. Very excited about it. And will write of my experience and post Friday morning.

Have you ever had success trying a less-than-mainstream healing modality? If so, how did it help?

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