Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 More Alternative Healing Modalities for the Body, Mind and Spirit

3 More Alternative Healing Modalities

Healing refers to the regaining of sound health from any emotional, psychological, physical or spiritual ailment or crisis. Medical doctors, health care professionals and religious leaders have typically been where people turned to for their healing needs.

These are no longer the only options available to people looking to bring healthfulness into their lives. There are now many alternatives. Indeed, they are a return to traditional forms of medicine, and take the whole of the person (body, mind and spirit) into account.

Yesterday, I posted 3 alternative healing modalities that are gaining mainstream popularity. To continue from yesterday's post, here are an additional 3. These are modalities that can clear blocked energy that prevents any kind of healing. As I stated yesterday, I hope you'll keep an open mind.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): While setting an intention, the person taps on various energy end points of the body. This self-administered modality has the potential to clear a variety of physical and psychological disorders. 

5. Reiki Healing: A Japanese technique acknowledges the existence of free-flowing "life force energy", which is required for the body to maintain optimal health. The Reiki practitioner aids the body in releasing stress in favor of deep relaxation, which promotes healing.

6. Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis as a form of psychotherapy. It is utilized to help a person heal from emotional and psychological disorders. Hypnotherapy can be used for past-life regression. It can also aid in bringing about changes in attitudes, thoughts and behaviors.

Would YOU try an alternative healing modality?
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  1. It is very difficult to drift from the mainstream medical profession but some people have been very successful with alternative healing were standard medical practices have failed, so yes I may be persuaded to try alternative healing techniques.


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