Thursday, October 3, 2013

Energetic Fun Ways to Get Fit and Get Your Sexy On

Energetic Fun Ways to Get Fit

Fitness is not just jogging, weights and intense aerobics. Fitness comes in many forms. Some are low intensity. Some are dance-like. Many are fun and get your sexy on.

Here are a few that may be readily available in your area.

1. Bokwa: A structured group exercise program. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while moving to popular music. There is no counting steps or preset choreography. Easy to follow. Great whether you are 6 years old or 86 years young.

2. Bellyfit: The fusing of belly dance, African Dance and Bollywood while connecting women to their ancient roots. Sexy and sensual.

3a. Zumba: Dance movement to upbeat music that strengthens core and sculpts muscles. Depending on the type of Zumba, participants follow the instructor individually or use a char as a partner (see below: Zumba Santao). Low intensity. Easy on the joints.

3b. Zumba Santao: Zumba using a chair as a partner.

4. Nia: A fusion of martial arts, dance and healing, all done to uplifting motivational music. Classes can be gentle for those with mobility issues. Or they can be heart pounding. Emphasis is on fun.

Dancing with a group of others is very motivating. Don't worry if you have two left feet. The focus of all of these dance-for-fitness programs is having a really good time while getting fit. And of course, getting your sexy on.

I'd love to hear from YOU...would you try one of these dance-for-fitness programs? Share your experience if you have tried one of these types of fitness programs.

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  1. Personally, at my age Bokwa might be worth a try. I could get my sexy on by spelling sexy with my feet.


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