Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 Alternative Healing Modalities for the Body, Mind and Spirit

There are many alternative healing modalities. Some are less mainstream than others. All have merit when it comes to healing from the inside out. Healing that takes into account the body's ability to heal itself, with support.

I attended the Wellness Festival here in Kamloops this past weekend. A lovely weekend where many of the healing arts were represented. Healing that goes beyond the illness or circumstance. Healing that incorporates the body, mind and spirit.

Here are 3 modalities you might find interesting. Modalities that are becoming more and more mainstream. I hope you'll keep an open mind.

1. Shamanic Journeying: An ancient practice gaining in popularity. The ceremonial use of earth-based materials and tools. Drums, rattles, sage, juniper, lavender and sweet grass are among the materials used to change the energy field of a person. Shamanic practitioners interact with the spirit world, including animal totems and spirit guides to help remove energy blocks.

2. Astrological Readings combined with Creative Counseling: Insight offered by sutdying the heavens, positioning of planets, moons and suns. The use of Jungian pirnciples and concepts in conjunction with a person's astrological chart provides a creative wisdom that can help that person with clarity to the events happening in their lives.

3. Sound Massage: The use of Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs and bells to send vibration and sound through the body. They harmonize, relax and rejuvenate the body's cells. They are also used to clear the 7 chakras.

Have you experienced healing with an alternative healing modality? I would love to hear of your personal experience.Enhanced by Zemanta

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