Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The End of War

Peace Lies Within

Since the dawn of ages there has always been war on the planet. So the question is, can there be an end to war? And just what are all the conflicts about?

We are at odds about religious differences. Land title differences. Differences of opinion. Differences, differences, differences. The pattern is clear. Wars come about because of some form of difference between people.

And if differences apply to external wars, what about the internal ones? What about the emotional wounds and the rejection and the suffering people experience on a profoundly personal level? Would differences apply to their emotional turmoil in the same way? And how can it be helpful to know this?

I had the opportunity to coach several people recently. Each suffering in their own unique way. Each dealing with a major difference between themselves and some external force, another person, or their past.

Differences are at the core of their suffering. Differences in the way they perceive their circumstances and what they prefer to have happened instead. But the fact is, they can't change what happened to them. They can only change how they're going to respond.

No matter how much a person is suffering, he or she has the ability to tap into them Selves for the answers they seek. The answers are already there. My job as a coach is not to heal these people. My job is to provide focus and clarity so that the person can seek out those answers themselves.

Peace lies within. If each of us connects with our inner peace, then there will be no reason to resort to war. Instead, we'll use our inner peace to settle any differences. When we achieve the peace our inner Selves already live by, then there is hope for the end of war. Be it with ourselves, another person, or another country.

How can you tap into your inner knowing?


  1. You have asked the million dollar question, how do we tap into our inner peace? I venture to say most people are not aware there is such a place.
    Their best resource is to contact someone such as yourself who can guide them through the process and it is a process, to reach that magical place.

  2. I agree, Dave. As more and more people become conscious and awaken, more will become aware of their inner peace. They may still need guidance, but at least they'll be tapped in. The good news is that it has become mainstream for people to be open to "getting tapped in".


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