Friday, August 30, 2013

Misery Loves Company

The darkest hour is just before dawn

Misery loves company. How many of us subscribe to this, without even being aware of it? I'd venture to say the vast majority of us.

When we're miserable, we typically don't try to find something to uplift us. Instead, we focus on ways that keep us where we are: downtrodden, if not completely depressed.

We focus on behaviours that are counter-productive. Over-eating. Under-eating (not one of my issues). Substance misuse. We listen to depressing music. We use social networking to share our misery. We blog, vlog, tweet and/or Facebook all about our troubles. All this serves to keep us in our misery.

But our misery cannot be driven out with more of it. In fact, staying downtrodden keeps more of it coming our way. When we vibrate at a frequency of misery, we are vibrating at a very low frequency. The Universe believes that's our desire so it brings more of the same our way. That is the Law of Attraction. So how do you get out of that downtrodden mood that keeps bringing more of it your way?

Change your perspective.

Find things in your life to be grateful for. Perhaps you have a dear friend. Or a supportive spouse. Or you can focus on something you're really good at. Keep in mind the abundance you already have in your life. The trick is to move to something that makes you feel better. And then keep on going.

Recognize that whatever external source that you believe is responsible for your misery does not have control over you. You alone get to choose how to respond.

Misery can act as a catalyst for change. Positive change. Change we might not otherwise see without it. When we see the positive value in all experiences, including the not-so-good, we raise our vibrational frequency, which brings more positivity into your life. So whenever you're feeling down, remember that the darkest hour is before the dawn.

What are some positive ways you can lift up your spirits when you're down?


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  1. Whenever I want to feel more positive I think about bedtime and snuggling up to my wife. There is nothing better in the universe.


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