Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Differences Between Acceptance, Resistance and Resignation

The Differences Between Acceptance, Resistance and Resignation
When we accept a situation that we don't like, most would say that we're giving up. That we must fight for what we know or believe to be right. The situation in Nigeria with all those abducted girls is a perfect example.

The world is saying we cannot accept the actions of the militant group that is linked to al-Qaeda. That we must resist what they stand for: the abolishment of Western education, the abduction and sale of girls, the wanton killing of male students and teachers alike.

But resistance is fighting what Is. To be in a state of resistance is to close the mind. Which closes us off to any options.

When we accept a situation, we are simply saying it is what it Is. This is a place of power, not weakness. And when we do accept the Is-ness of a situation, only then are we open to the options available to us.

And don't confuse acceptance with resignation. The two are very different. When we are resigned to a situation, we've given up our power to whatever forces are in play. And this too prevents us from coming up with options. 

Resistance comes from a place of anger, even hatred. Resignation comes from a place of helplessness, even hopelessness. Both block the free flow of energy. Both are low level vibrations. 

To be in a state of acceptance is to be open or in a state of allowing. It allows for the free flow of energy, which allows for creative thought. Which in turn allows for action. The vibrational frequency of acceptance is much higher than that of either resistance or resignation.

Whether the world uses military force against the Boko Haram is the subject of another post, perhaps on another day. But whatever the world decides is the best way to deal with this aggressive and combative group, the decisions must be based on the acceptance that they are what they are and do what they do. To come from a place of acceptance is to come from a place of power, not weakness.
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