Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ring in 2014 by Ditching The New Year's Resolutions

Ring in 2014 by Ditching The New Year's Resolutions
The overwhelming majority of people who make a New Year's resolution fail at keeping it within 1 - 3 weeks. So why do we bother? Why do we set ourselves up for failure each year at this time?

None of those who make New Year's resolutions do so with the intent to fail. Rather, intentions typically come from the right place.

But the greatest challenge comes from the fact that most tend to get carried away with the idea of a new beginning. Particularly if they've been drinking.

Most get caught up with the feelings of starting fresh, then resolve to do what they think they should do.

Like losing x number of pounds. Or getting fit. Or giving up some of the more toxic behaviours: drinking alcohol, eating sugary or fatty foods.

And though these are noble and healthy intentions, the truth is, the feelings of starting anew don't last.

It's been decades since I stopped making New Year's resolutions. Not because I got lazy. But because I came to a place where I realized the practice did nothing to further my goals.

In fact, the practice actually worked against my goals.In part, because once I reached my goals, I had nothing to move forward with.

So I changed my way of thinking.

Instead of goals, I began to look for ways I could improve my outlook. Ways I could be more grateful. Ways I could bring more forgiveness into my life.

It took baby steps at first. But those baby steps ultimately turned into a path of life strategies and philosophies.

So before you reach for that lofty resolution this evening, consider an alternative. Resolve to stop with goal-setting resolutions. Reach for ways you can walk a particular path. One that keeps the process of your steps going. One that can bring true happiness into your life.

I wish you all an awesome 2014. And may all your desires come to fruition. Happy New Year everyone!
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  1. Happy New year, Darlene.
    I resolve not to resolve.

    1. LOL...but just for the record, I'd say you just broke your resolution when you "resolved not to resolve" ;) A very Happy New Year to you, Anonymous.

  2. I'm with anonymous Darlene (haha) I stopped making resolutions a long time ago just like you did. But I like the idea of strategies. That could work for me. Happy new year to you.

  3. I stopped making resolutions too...oh, and Happy New Year to you too

  4. Thank you for this inspiring post. I myself can't quit making New Year's resolutions yet. Somehow it keeps me motivated and purposeful. Maybe it will pass with time, who knows.


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