Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Deal With Negative People

How to Deal With Negative People

You're at work, surrounded by people who hate their jobs. They bicker endlessly about their anger toward the company. Or you're at a gathering where people are complaining about politics. Or you're at home with your spouse and/or kids, but all you hear from them is whining.

How do you stop such negative people from adversely affecting you?

Sure, you can get annoyed, even angry. Which may help you to vent. But your anger won't change  circumstances. Chances are, it will make things worse.

Fact is, we can't change how someone else responds. We can only choose how we respond. Not the first time I've said this. And won't be the last.

If you choose to rely on the mood of others for your own upliftment, sooner or later you will be disappointed. So the trick is to find your upliftment from within.

Whatever is going on in another person's life, understand that their negativity is not about you. It's about them.

The misery someone is experiencing is a direct result of the story they tell themselves. See things from their perspective. Be understanding.

Tell yourself a different story about the negative incident. See the value in what this person's experience has brought you: the knowledge that you don't want to respond in that way in the future.

Don't allow the misery of someone else affect your mood. Your mood is your responsibility. It comes from within you.

Tap into your own heart space. Not the thinking place. The place where you are aware of your thinking space. Then silently send the negative person love and light.

If you slide and instead respond from a place of annoyance or anger, forgive yourself.

Remember, that which is like is drawn unto itself. Then make a conscious choice to bring LOVE into the picture. The negativity will either disappear or the negative people in your life will fall away. Unless you invite the negativity in.

There will always be negative people around. They may or may not be around you. But if they are, see the purpose in it. See that the contrast of having negative people around is in helping you be more appreciative of the positive.
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