Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7 Healthy Side Effects of Bringing Play Into Your Life

7 Healthy Side Effects of Bringing Play Into Your Life

We all get bogged down with the drama and tedium that can sometimes be our lives. Trouble is, most of us get so wrapped up in the "story" of our lives that we forget to have fun.

I once heard someone say, "When life bends you side ways and all ways, it's time to play." What a great statement.

The fact is, play is uplifting. It's good for what ails us. And it's good for the soul.

So when was the last time you played? When was the last time you built a snowman? Or raked up leaves just so you could take a running leap smack dab into the middle of them? Or sat down and drew with crayons?

I agree that these ideas sound childish. But fun is something that children are exceptional at. So why not take a lesson from the true experts. Give yourself permission to go out and play!

The healthy side effects of play:

1. Releases anger & hostility
2. Lessens stress levels
3. Reduces the heart rate
4. Increases endorphins
5. Stabilizes blood pressure
6. Optimizes immune system function
7. WARNING: May cause giddiness and fits of uncontrollable laughter!

What have you done lately to bring the healing power of play into your life?
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