Monday, December 2, 2013

3 Reasons Why it is More Important Than Ever to Embrace Your Pain Body

3 Reasons Why it is More Important Than Ever to Embrace Your Pain Body

We all have a pain body. Some of us carry a heavier pain body than others. Some of us carry it with great silence and shame. Some of us wear it like a badge of honour.

So what is the pain body?

It is the accumulation of all the emotional pain we have ever endured. The result of every disappointment. Rejection. Abandonment. Every painful memory we hold, including the blocked memories, contributes to our pain body.

There are 3 reasons why now, more than ever, it's important to embrace your pain body.

1. What we resist persists. We endured what we endured. There is no changing that. To try changing that is arguing with what Is. Arguing with what Is creates war. War creates more war, not peace. Peace comes about through loving acceptance. Not by wallowing in the emotional turmoil of the pain body. By recognizing that the emotions that stem from what we endured is a part of us.

2. The pain body can be the dark contrast we need in our lives to be aware of the light. We can't appreciate how many wonderful things there are in our lives unless we know what it's like to have darkness. Joy cannot be fully appreciated unless the bitterness of disappointment has first been experienced.

3. There can be great purpose in our pain body, when we choose to heal. It's been said that as we move through this trying time in the world we are going to need at least a billion healers. Who better to help another heal than someone who has been walking a healing path. Someone who has been through similar pain.

Our spiritual Selves came here to have a human experience. And the pain body is a part of our human experience. Embrace it. Not as an excuse for dysfunction. Rather, as the darkness for which the light can shine.

And when that light shines brightly, it is part of being human to shine that light onto others who are experiencing darkness.
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