Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 Things Trees Can Teach Us

5 Things Trees Can Teach Us
Trees are truly remarkable. Especially when we compare them to human traits. Trees don't argue. They don't scream or yell uncontrollably. They don't wage war.

Sure, trees need water and food and sunlight. But so do we. And since we have that in common with trees, I thought it would be fun to look at what trees can teach us.

1. Sway with the wind. When there are stormy situations in your life, ride them out. Know that even the worst of storms eventually pass. And then the sum comes out again. Not to mention that storms can be highly cleansing.

2. Stand tall and rooted to Mother Earth. Stand with your head held high. Be confident, but not arrogant or inflexible. Respect Mother Earth. Wherever and whenever possible, stay grounded to her nurturing ways. Start gardening. Look for natural ways to deal with pests and weeds. Plant a tree!

3. Even when there's a crook in the trunk, grow above it. We all face adversity throughout our lives. What's important is how you overcome, then grow as a human BEING.

4. Branch out. Don't stay stagnant. Look into all aspects of your life where you can branch out and reach others. Volunteer. Perform acts of kindness. Forgive. Yes, there's that F-word again.

5. Reach for the sky, even when the birds crap all over you. Dream. Dream big. Don't let the naysayers dissuade you or convince you that your dreams are crappy. Believe in your Self. And don't worry that you don't have all the resources you need. It might surprise you how many of those resources will suddenly come to you when you focus on those dreams.

Trees really do have much to teach us. Same is true for so much in nature. But only when we're willing to pay attention. When we're willing to see that there are elements in nature that are more evolved than we humans are.
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