Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What is That Voice Inside Your Head and What To Do For Peace and Quiet

What is That Voice Inside Your Head and What to Do For Peace and Quiet

Have you ever noticed the voice in your head? You know the one I mean. The voice that judges everything. The one that has incessant conversations with itself. The one that sometimes yells at you. No, I'm not talking about your mother.

Do you ever wonder what this inner voice is? Where it comes from? Do you ever ask yourself, is this me?

Well, it isn't you. Not really..

Our inner voice is the voice of our mind. It's our interpreter. It narrates the world for us. Beyond simply taking it in.

Our inner voice can help us feel comfortable with what we're seeing. It can help us perceive in a way that is more controlled. A way that merges with our values and experiences.

But there can be a dark side to this inner voice. A dark side to bringing whatever you see into the realm of your thoughts.

The voice doesn't ever seem to want to stop chattering!

Imagine a friend who is always argumentative. Who indiscriminately takes BOTH sides of the conversation, then switches up again. Over and over. Always talking. Always right no matter what.

If that voice were an actual person, they'd probably drive you bonkers. You'd likely tell him or her to get lost. Send that person packing.

But alas, your inner voice is with you always. And most of us don't ever even consider trying to get rid of it. However, there is a way to quiet that voice. Even for only a short time.

Watch it.

You read correctly. Watch the voice as it's in mid stream.

You see, you are not the voice. Or a culmination of what the voice says or decrees. No. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Who You Really Are is the watcher of that voice.

Whether or not you want to permanently silence your inner voice, it starts by first being aware of the voice. Then, finding the space between your voice and the watcher. Then watch. You might find doing so very amusing. At the very least, you might find a little peace

Give it a try and see what happens!

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