Monday, October 7, 2013

Workouts Not Your Thing? You're Robbing Yourself of an indescribable High

Workouts Offer An Indescrible High

Do you know you should workout but just don't feel like it? Do you want the benefits that exercise can bring without doing the work of working out? You're definitely not alone.

I had a very interesting discussion with a friend last week. My friend represents the majority when she says she knows she should exercise but it isn't natural for her the way it is for me. "It's just too much bloody work!" she laughed.

I get that. If it weren't for motivating music, I too would have challenges working out on my basement cross trainer. Or any other activity that is my aerobic exercise for the day.

But I'll concede that I'm blessed (or cursed, if you'd prefer) with an athlete archetype. I'm driven to workout. To push myself. To reach beyond what I'm capable of doing.

Yes, I admit that there is a shadow side to this athlete archetype. But I'm getting better at keeping the shadow side of perfectionism at bay.

I explained to my friend that until you've reached a physical wall where you cannot go further...then train to the point where you DO go beyond that point, you cannot appreciate the incredible sense of achievement that comes with that. At realizing that your body is much more capable than you ever imagined.

I told her that until you allow yourself that experience, you are robbing yourself of an indescribable high. Of a connection with a part of you that goes much deeper than the mind.

And it matters not what level of fitness you are at. A newbie or an elite athlete, you will reach such walls continually. Which becomes an opportunity to reach these highs with great regularity.

When you exercise, you promote endorphins coursing through your system. Endorphins that can leave you feeling as though you can conquer the world.  Combine that with healthy nutrition and a sense of gratitude, remarkable changes start happening. The remarkable-ness of Who You Really Are begins to shine through.

Does the prospect of reaching a "high" with workouts compel you to incorporate exercise in your daily routine?
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  1. The prospect of reaching a "high" with my workouts does not compel me to do them. I am more compelled by needing to do them to improve my heart health. However, I do reach a "high" when it is over, not because I feel I can conquer the world, but because the darn thing is over for another day.
    I wish I was able to enjoy working out as you do, maybe then I would have improved health.


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