Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Pets Promote Physical and Emotional Healing

Pets and Healing

Are you trying to cope with something from your past? Something that plagues you? Something that has left you emotionally broken?

You're not alone.

There are countless numbers who suffer every day. People who have dealt with a childhood adversity. Who have suffered a form of trauma. People who have been through a recent tragedy and/or loss.

Is there a way that can help bring healing to just about all forms of pain?

There is ample scientific evidence that shows how pets aid in healing. Whether it is physical or emotional healing.
  1. lowers blood pressure
  2. lowers blood cholesterol
  3. decreases anxiety and stress, which decreases pain
  4. strengthens the immune system
  5. boosts heart health
People who have suffered a loss or tragedy or trauma are often left with a nagging sense of worthlessness. That they aren't enough. That had they done something different, the outcome would have been different. They believe they're somehow at fault for the adversity they endured.

And sometimes family and friends add to that burden.

They ask questions that sound and look like the finger of blame. Which brings about more shame and self-blame.

But pets don't point fingers. They don't judge. Pets love us unconditionally. They are thrilled to see us. Even if it's just at being fed and petted. Not to mention that taking care of a pet's needs can help bring purpose into our lives.

Some pet owners credit their pets with saving their lives. I've personally witnessed this among my own circle of friends.

And get this, science has actually proven that pets can be date magnets! If that's that goal, that is. But mostly, pets are wonderful companions. Which lessens feelings of loneliness.

How has your pet(s) helped you with healing?
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