Thursday, September 5, 2013

Emotions as a Guidance System

Emotions are a human trait. They are a part of all of us. Love them or hate them, emotions are a fact of human life. So what do they really mean? Could they serve some other purpose besides reflecting how we feel in the moment?

I can think of one additional purpose that relates to the Law of Attraction. In order to get what we desire, the Law of Attraction dictates that we must vibrate at the same frequency as that which we desire. And when we do, the Universe will provide. Simplified, yes, but accurate.

Emotions are our internal guidance system that tells us whether or not we're vibrating at the frequency that brings about our desires.

When we experience anger, hatred, hostility, despair, or any of the negative emotions, we are not in the flow of what we want in our lives. But when we're experiencing positive emotions, we are in the flow.

So how do we deal with the negative emotions when they have a death grip on us? When they don't want to let us go?

Go for a better-feeling thought. I know, I know, not so easy. Just go for any thought that gives you relief. You're not looking to move from despair to outright joy in the blink of an eye. You're looking for something that makes you feel better.

Find something to be grateful for. It could be for having shelter, food, your health, or a supportive relationship. It could be a positive memory from your childhood. Or it could be a thought that generates a smile or a talk with someone who inspires you.

And when you do feel better, don't stop there. Keep going.

I'm not suggesting you swallow your pain. Not at all. Swallowing pain is one sure-fire way to ensure it keeps resurfacing. I'm saying don't wallow in that pain. Give your Self relief so that you continue in the flow toward what you really want. The relief will stop you paddling upstream, away from your desires. Be aware of your emotions so you can choose to float downstream, the way you really want to go.

Emotions are your guidance system. So be conscious of how you feel and the emotion welling up in you. With practice you'll be really good at it.

What are some ways you uplift your Self when you're feeling down?

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  1. Similar to yesterdays post regarding anger, this requires much thought. Usually when I am feeling down I just tough it out until something comes along that picks my spirits up.
    I have not mastered the art (as Yet)of thinking of something positive in that moment but in reality toughing it out until something positive pops up is doing that but only in slow motion.


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