Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 Simple Ways to Use Your Own Energy to Heal and Transform

3 Simple Ways to Use Your Own Eneergy to Heal and Transform

There are many types of energy healing modalities. Rieki and tapping (EFT) are among them. But what about the energy we have in ourselves. The power of thought. The power of belief. How can you use your own energy to heal and transform?

Our thoughts are what keep us from healing. That's a difficult concept for many to wrap there minds around. We tend to believe that our pain is as a result of what happened to us. What we endured. But what we endured is in the past, so why is healing so challenging when what we're healing from is over?

It's our negative thoughts that keep us from healing and transforming. Our angry thoughts. Thoughts and beliefs about what we endured. Perhaps from childhood. Perhaps from a relationship that left us troubled or even terrified. Perhaps from a situation that we wanted to go differently.

When we change the energy of our thoughts, everything changes. Awareness is key. Awareness that our negative thoughts are the culprit. That we're having negative thoughts in the moment we're having them. Awareness that we can change those thoughts. When you become aware of your negative thoughts, use these three simple ways to turn those thoughts around:
  1. Find a thought that makes you happy. It might come from a pleasant childhood memory. Or perhaps a situation with someone you care about. Any pleasurable experience will do.
  2. Focus on what that happiness feels like. Enjoy the feelings. Embrace them. Pay particular attention to the way your body responds.
  3. Choose to see whatever you endured from a place of either positive or purpose. This will be much easier when you're already coming from a place of happiness.
Yes, I'm suggesting you use your imagination. Did you know that imagination is energy? It is! Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we've been given. And it's among the strongest forms of energy we have access to. Used in a positive way, your imagination, your thoughts really can heal and transform you.

How can you tap into your energy to bring healing and transformation into your life?
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