Friday, March 21, 2014

Sweaters Instead of Parkas - Spring is Finally Here!

Sweaters Instead of Parkas - Spring is Finally Here!
The prospect of sunshiny days, sweaters instead of parkas, and snow melted forever into drains is enough to bring on downright giddiness! Today is the first full day of spring. And after a long cold winter, I know many who are celebrating. Partying, even.

But the onset of spring does not necessarily mean that old man winter is in hibernation. My family in Winnipeg Manitoba and Humboldt Saskatchewan, among other places across the country are still coping with minus temperatures in the double digits.

Only two days ago, we got hit with a mild snow storm that lasted only a couple of hours. But it still left us with a couple of inches of the dreaded white stuff. Thankfully, hubby and I aren't dealing with record cold snaps. It was all pretty much melted within 24 hours.

The windrows are stubbornly taking their sweet time about disappearing. But that hasn't prevented me from getting out for my every-other-day-jogs. And even though the melt is still on, the sidewalks are no longer slippery. SO grateful!

Spring is a time of renewal. A time of taking that breath of fresh air without fear of freezing your lungs into a solid mass. A time when our days are getting longer and our pants are getting shorter. A time when cabin fever gives way to spring fervor.

The newness of the season, coupled with the longer days of sunlight tend to spur me toward cleaning and de-cluttering. Nothing is safe from the broom, the mop or the hose. Yes, that includes the car and the garage. Of course, it helps that we have an open house tomorrow with our real estate agent.

Depending on where you live and how hard you've been hit by the weary winter weather, it's almost time to open those windows. But with that opening, comes more cleaning. I was shocked...shocked to discover how much dust and grime collected on our screens in a mere season.

Hmmmm...yesterdays post was about the difference between doing your best and striving for perfection. And I did admit that I am a recovering perfectionist. So I'll keep that in mind when I do get to those window screens. But it won't be today. Or even tomorrow. Shocked by their appearance or not, I'll get to them when I get to them.

So now, because today is Friday. Because today is a gorgeous sunny, blue-sky kind of day. Today I will dance and walk and take in all that spring has to offer. AFTER it gets to the plus side of the thermometer.

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  1. Why wait till spring do it now. Whoops it is spring I guess I waited. May spring bring all you desire.


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