Thursday, March 13, 2014

Consider Holistic and Alternative Forms of Healing Therapy

Consider Holistic and Alternative Forms of Healing Therapy
I've been criticized frequently for my stance on therapy. For the fact that I recommend therapy for people who are struggling to heal from their past. But make no mistake, when I speak of therapy, I'm not speaking strictly of psychotherapy.

There are many therapeutic or healing modalities that don't include what Freud brought to the modern world.

We live during a time when the therapies of yester-year are not necessarily to best way to go for everyone.

Psychotherapy definitely worked for me. I make no bones about that. But it was more than 30 years ago when I was on the couch. Three decades ago, the couch was practically all that was available for those of us who had issues from childhood.

I also concede that psychotherapy doesn't work for everyone. Nothing works for everyone.

And what of people who have been seeing the same therapist or counselor for many years? Yet they still have difficulty dealing with their challenges.

If a person has been in some form of therapy for a protracted period of time, shouldn't the question be, when does it end?

If therapy is supposed to work, shouldn't there be a point where it comes to a conclusion? If it doesn't, the question becomes, why do I think it's working? And then one must ask, is there something else going on? Is there a co-dependency situation?

I get that we can become reliant on our therapists. That we look to them to get us through our situations. But sooner or later, shouldn't you be able to get your SELF through situations? Isn't that the whole idea behind entering therapy?

In order for any therapeutic or healing modality to work, one must be open to the process. AND look for it to end at some point.

So look to all forms of therapy available. Consider holistic and alternative methods. Some examples follow. Just do an online search for any of these modalities for more information.
  1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping
  2. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) 
  3. Art Therapy
  4. Music Therapy
  5. Dance Therapy
  6. Guided Imagery
  7. Interactive Imagery
  8. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  9. Tai Chi
  10. Yoga Therapy
  11. Meditation (various forms)
  12. Hydrotherapy
  13. Energy Medicine
  14. Reiki
  15. Accupressure
  16. Accupuncture
Don't discount nutritional or physical healing options. Because even though you may be looking to heal the past or dealing with emotional challenges, you may also be suffering in physical ways. You owe it to yourself to utilize whatever modalities bring healing into your life. All aspects of your life.
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  1. I agree. When I hear the word 'therapy', I think 'healing' - essential in order to move forward and live a happy, healthy life.


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