Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Laughter Really Is Good For the Soul

Laughter Really Is Good For the Soul

Have you ever laughed so hard over something you've seen that you almost wet yourself? Not just in the moment, but in moments that follow as you remember and share in vivid detail what you saw, only to laugh just as hard? 

I had one of these moments just the other day with my sister, brother-in-law and hubby. All at the expense of hubby. Good thing he has a great sense of humour.

Our car is a two-door Blazer, which can be challenging enough to get in and out of. But it’s perfectly functional for the two of us. Not so much when there are four of us.

We were at Costco shopping for last minute supplies, dressed in scarves, heavy winter coats and boots. Now keep in mind that not one of us are spring chickens by any stretch. And none of us are itsie-bitsie waifs.

So when my sister’s hip and knee issues prevented her from comfortably getting into the back seat, hubby-the-chivalrous came to the rescue by giving up the front seat for her when we got back to the car.

But hubby has his own physical issues.

He was on all fours, the toes of his boots pointed down, squeezing himself through the narrow space between the back seat and the sliding front seat. His hips lodged long before he got situated. There was nothing for him to grab onto that would help him move forward.

And here was his loving wife, helplessly laughing her head off. My sister was behind him. I knew she was resisting the urge to push from behind, which made me laugh all the harder.

It was the most entertaining event of all 2013 for me. Though hubby didn’t appreciate having to re-live the experience as much as I did. I’m STILL laughing my butt off! And I hope the same for all of you during this holiday season. Laughter, that is.

Merry Christmas everyone. Or Happy Holidays. Or just enjoy yourself and laugh until you can't laugh anymore!


  1. Sometimes I feel so down and stressed out that I simply don'e feel like laughing most of all. And being able to laugh is really important because the laughter is the best medicine, truly.


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