Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Mantras to Drive Out Misery and Bring Yourself Back to the Light

Darkness and Light

Misery loves company. How many of us have heard that before. How many of us have felt it. When we're miserable, we typically don't try to find something to uplift us. Instead, we focus on ways that keep us where we are.

When we're miserable we focus on behaviors that are counter-productive: over-eating, under-eating (not one of my issues), listening to depressing music, using social networking to share our misery. We blog, vlog, tweet and/or Facebook all about our troubles. All this serves to keep us in our misery.

But our misery cannot be driven out with more misery. In fact, staying in that misery keeps more of it coming our way.

Yes, burying our pain will bring on more pain. Pain in relationships, in the workplace, in family dynamics, in health situations, in every aspect of your life. Buried pain will re-surface. And it will re-surface in the worst possible times, when you least expect it.

But to stay in the pain is to stay in darkness. And darkness will not drive out darkness. Only light will drive out darkness.

Here are 3 simple mantras you can use to help bring light into the darkness. Just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and repeat one of the 3 mantras quietly to yourself to the rhythm of your breath:
  1. I am love. I am light. I am One with all that is.
  2. Love is light. Love is me. Love is all there really is.
  3. I am whole. I am light. I am the expression of love.
Practice at least one of these mantras every day in stillness. If other thoughts come into your consciousness, just keep repeating the mantra, slowly. Even just a few minutes each day.


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