Thursday, November 21, 2013

7 Ways Being of Service Can Bring Healing Into Your Life

7 Ways Being of Service Can Bring Healing Into Your Life

How can I get passed what happened to me? How can I be free of all this emotional pain? How do I heal? These are among the top questions I'm frequently asked as a survivor coach.

Among my top answers? Consider helping someone else who has endured something similar.

We are now in a "we" cycle. A cycle that reflects a shift of consciousness. And as our consciousness shifts and expands, healing becomes more important than ever.

In this "we" cycle, healing can happen much faster when we reach out to each other. Being of service, especially when helping someone who has suffered similarly, has some remarkable benefits. 

1. A feeling of contribution. 

2. A sense of Oneness. 

3. Knowing that you are not alone in your pain. 

4. Sharing of yourself to help another can lighten the load you're carrying. 

5. Telling someone else what you've always needed to hear can be tremendously uplifting. 

6. The longer you are of service, the more likely that which holds you hostage emotionally will "let you go". 

7. Helping someone reach a place of forgiveness can help bring you closer to that healing state of grace.

There are several ways you can be of service to someone who has suffered in a similar way to you. 

1. Volunteer at a local shelter. 

2. Enlist through a local volunteer organization to be of service in a particular capacity within your community. 

3. Find online groups that help other members heal. Be careful with those run by an amateur. Don't allow yourself to be re-victimized by others who aren't respectful. 

4. Find websites that post stories where you can comment. One such site is child abuse effects. Yes, I'll admit it. This is my site. One I've operated for almost 10 years. A safe place to share your story and to leave respectful, encouraging and supportive comments to others. 

5. Reach out to someone you know personally, someone who is having a difficult time.

What can YOU do to be of service to someone else?
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  1. Volunteer at a Retirement home. These are the people who enabled us to live our current live style. We should do all we can to make their later years enjoyable.

  2. This is a very cognitive article that made me rethink my life position. It really helped me.

  3. Your blog is simply unique, because your articles help to understand yourself better and learn to live in peace with your fears and problems.

  4. Before using this service, you should be assure that everything will go smoothly, without any issues encountered. Thanks for the post anyway!

  5. I think that it is worth considering each of these options more deeply so that people can understand which of these will be useful for you in life situations.

  6. In order to help, you must initially be a full-fledged and balanced person, since only such a person can be useful to others.


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