Monday, September 9, 2013

Take Time Out For Yourself

Time for me

Most of us have a sense of what it means to take time out for yourself, but do you actually take time for yourself? Or are you like millions of others who say they will but never find the time?

There's a saying: "Those who don't find time for health will sooner or later have to find tine for illness." Health is how I see taking time for me. Actually, the practice of healthy lifestyle habits.

Here are three of my favorite ways to give myself time:

#1 - The daily practice of yoga. Just over 3 years ago my knees basically told me that 35 years of jogging and 15 years of kickboxing (only for fitness, of course) was enough. I had to find something that would be kinder to my body. Enter yoga. It keeps me connected to my body, mind and spirit. And for those of you suffering with pain, there is a yoga out there for you.

#2 - See the positive side of everything, especially the negative. I know, that doesn't sound like something one would do to take time out for themselves. But it is for me. I actually take time out to do this. When I find purpose in all that happens, it keeps me in touch with Who I Really Am. This in turn keeps me spiritually grounded.

#3 - Spending time with like-minded friends. There is nothing more uplifting than being able to share and laugh with friends. To bounce ideas off of them. To be Present with them. No other cares. No worries. No judgment. Just Presence. And if it does go sideways, which can happen, refer back to #2.

How do you take time out for yourself?
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