Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Have You Ever Written Yourself a Love Letter?

Write a Love Letter to Your Self

Love letters are not just for lovers. They can be an unexpectedly powerful healing tool when we write them to ourselves. The trick to writing a powerful love letter to your Self is to:
  1. get past the embarrassment,
  2. get out of your own way, and
  3. get the pen and paper.
#1: Get past the embarrassment. We are not taught to give ourselves pats on the back. In fact, we're taught that to give ourselves a pat on the back is to be self-centered or somehow bragging. As if these are bad things. I don't subscribe to that way of thinking. I believe it's healthy to give your Self credit when credit is due. Not in a braggart way. But certainly to your Self. So give your Self permission to tell your Self all the good things about you. Chances are, no one else will.

#2: Get out of your own way. This is an extension of #1, only a call to action of sorts. Let the adjectives freely flow. If you're stumped, have a gander at the list below. Feel free to come up with your own. Maybe you can find one for the letter x. Go online for more ideas. Think of examples of when you did something that made you logical or compassionate or _____ fill in the blank. The goal here is to find everything positive about yourself. Love is the theme.

#3: Get the pen and paper. Start your pens! Why not my mobile device, some of you may be asking. Because doing so will rob you of a Self connection. When we use our hand to write on paper we stimulate a different part of the brain than when we type. And that stimulation taps into our neurons which opens our creativity and memory. It also fuses the new messages we're writing down.

Start with "I am".
Keep the love flowing!
End with "I love you".

How many positive attributes can you come up with in the Love Letter you write to your Self?

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